Who are the richest radio personalities?

In case you are wondering how rich your favorite radio personality is, you are in the right place. There are many influential radio personalities that are always coming up with great and interesting subjects to talk and their personality is so rich that they are never boring. There are different things that helps them stand out of the crowd. Some of them are obscene, funny or just provocative. No matter who we are talking about, these have always been very interesting and they have managed to change the way we are thinking today.

In this article we will present you some of the greatest radio personalities along with a little bit of information about how much are they worth.

The number one radio personality is Howard Stern. Just as you would imagine Howard Stern is by far one of the richest man in the radio business. He managed to earn a good amount of popularity thanks to the radio shows he done in United States. He is net worth a whopping $500 million.

Another rich radio personality is Rush Limbaugh. He is both a talk show host and a political commentator for the radio and he is net worth more than 350 million dollars. He is very close to the value of Howard Stern. He managed to become famous thanks to the popular Rush Limbaugh Show. This is a political show on the radio. He started doing radio shows back in high school and this happened in the ‘80s ever since that moment he was successful.

Laura Anne Ingraham is not only a popular radio host but at the same time she is also a successful author and a political commentator. Her fortune is worth $45 million and there are many controversies around her. For example he wrote many articles regarding the gay rights and she is considered to be against those in the gay community.

Laura Anne Ingraham

In case you are interested in personal financial management and you live in United States, then you probably heard of Dave Ramsey. He is estimated to have a fortune of $55 million and he is also the host of the popular radio show The Dave Ramsey Show. His show is available at 450 radio stations all over the country and he is also featured on Sirius-XM satellite radio system. He managed to earn his fortune by helping others to manage their money. His motto is: “It’s about your life and your money”.

Harold Camping is 89 years old. He is a millionaire with a total fortune of $75 million and he owns one of the largest networks of Christian radios in the world. He runs some interesting radio shows where he preaches the words from the Bible and it looks like he made many millions like this.

Kidd Kraddick is an American radio host and at the same time he is also a TV personality. He is worth $30 million and currently has an annual income of $10 for the shows he’s doing. He is 53 years old and he is also a successful entrepreneur.

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