Top 9 Android apps to listen to internet radio

There was a time when radios were bigger than a TV set. Things have changed drastically now and you can listen to the radio with the help of your phone and in fact it’s just an app that you have to install which gives you access to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. It takes just a few minutes to install an Android radio app and after that you can listen for free, for as long as you want. Here is a list with the top 10 most popular free radio apps available for the Android powered devices.

tunein radio logo

#1 TuneIn

TuneIn Radio is by far the most popular Android radio app. There are more than 50 million downloads so far and this is possible thanks to the fact that that you can have access to more than 50k radio stations. This app should give you the best radio experience on your Android phone.

#2 Pandora

This is another well-known radio platform for Android. It’s free to download and you can create a list of up to 100 different radio stations to listen based on your preferences. There will be some ads and this might be considered to be the downside of the app.

#3 Slacker

This is an Android radio app that is available only for US users. There is a good amount of benefits you get from using this, and except for the regional limitations, you should have an excellent radio experience. You can pick up to 100 radio stations and everything is completely free.

#4 Winamp

Everybody is familiar with the popular Winamp player. They were the first ones to introduce the concept of playing mp3s and now if you install the Winamp app on your mobile phone you have access to more than 45k different Shoutcast radio stations.

#5 Deezer

This is an amazing application that can bring you some huge benefits. First of all you can choose the tracks you are playing and you can also find a large database with more than 13 million tracks. There is a free version, but this only gives you limited access and in case you want to use the full potential you need to subscribe for the premium version.

#6 Jango

This app is easy to use and you can personalize your internet radio experience. Everything is very simple and it gives you access to a nice list of radio stations. There is an ad per day you have to deal with, but this is not a major concern.

#7 Earbits

This Android app is yet another popular way to listen to radio stations. You can choose the radio stations based on your favorite genre of music and the thing that makes it great is that it’s ads free and you don’t have to pay for anything to use it.

#8 Stitcher

This is a radio station app for the Android for those that are seeking more other forms of content than music. This means that you can find a wide range of radio stations with news, entertainment and talk shows.

#9 iHeartRadio

There are between 10 and 50 million installs for this app and it’s an online radio platform that can bring you many benefits. There are more than 800 local radio stations available from all over United States.

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