The Howard Stern Radio Show

The Howard Stern Show is a well-known radio show all across United States. It is hosted by Howard Stern and it managed to gain a huge amount of popularity in US and all over the world. The show was available live throughout the country during the 1986 and 2005 period and after 2006 it was only aired via satellite radio.

Howard Stern

The Howard Stern Radio show is known right now to be one of the best shows to be aired and at the same time it also has a very rich history. During the 28 years of history of this show it changed the way people look at the radio program, he changed everything. Howard Sterns is also the one that invented the so-called “Shock Radio”. He introduced new concepts that were very well acclaimed by the public. He went all the way and this is what brought him this huge success.

The show done by Howard Stern always had an incredible success in each and every business he entered. One of the most important events from this show happened in 2006 when the show was moved from the CBS Radio and moved to the Sirius Satellite Radio.
The Sirius Satellite Radio is a subscription based radio. This means that listening to the programs is not free and you have to pay a monthly free in order to have access to it.

Right now you can still hear the great Howard Stern Radio Show at Sirius Satellite Radio. This program is available on two channels 100 and 101 and it’s available from Monday and Thursday.

The first time when Stern went off the air radio and moved to the satellite radio was an important step. His first show with the Sirius network happened on January 9th 2006. His incredible success here managed to bring more than 180,000 new Sirius radio listeners just one day before this show started. Even if after the new radio show started, Howard Stern received many offers to return to the terrestrial radio, but he never went back. In 2010 he added a new contract for the next 5 years.

His career started at the Boston University. There he hosted with 3 other colleagues radio shows for the campus radio station.

Another interesting fact about the Howard Stern Radio show is that during the period from 1990 and 2004, the FCC fined the owner stations with the total sum of $2.5 million dollars for bringing to the air indecent programs, but this is the what brought this major success and that sum is small compared to the big sums of money earned by the radios with the help of the show.

Stern earned many major awards during his career and the deal signed with the Sirius network managed to bring him a massive amount of $500 million.

He was also the host for the popular TV show America’s Got Talent ever since 2012. He is considered to be the king of all Media and even when he ventured outside the radio show he was very successful.

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