The history of online radio stations

Internet radio is an audio service which is transmitted via the Internet. This is not happening through wireless means and it started to become very popular ever since it was introduced. The Internet can be considered to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It improved drastically the way we live our lives and it continues to bring new benefits as new services are being launched.

Internet radio

The Internet radio stations history is rich and it all started in the early ‘90s. That is the moment when this new and revolutionizing concept was brought to life. The first online radio program to be broadcasted over the internet happened back in the year 1993 and despite the many benefits we are seeing now, this concept wasn’t embraced immediately by people and it took a few years before it got popular.

The radio stations had to reinvent themselves in order to be able to reach for their audience and there were many stations that adopted this new concept that brings tons of benefits. One of the main great things about the internet radio stations is that they can be reached from anywhere in the world.

After people started to realize the benefits of listening to the radio over the internet and the fact that they have thousands of radio stations at their disposal, there were many radio stations that appeared. Right now there are more than 70 thousands internet radios available.

The internet radio started to become more popular as sharing music over the internet started to become more popular. The radio stations online can offer you more than music, there are also many stations where you can listen to news, talk shows programs or simply to listen to entertainment.

This way by the end of the ‘90s the internet managed to attract many investors and there was also a great media coverage regarding the internet radios. For example the company behind managed to set up a huge record regarding their IPO and had a huge jump in their stock. It all started with $18 and during the first day of trading this price went up to $68. This is more amazing as the company was losing money at that time. The company was bought by Yahoo one year later for $5.7 billion.
After the year 2000, there were many improvements made to the Internet radio. First of all the internet bandwidth started to be cheaper and more stations started to offer their programs with 128 kbps bitrate which is very close to CD quality. This way there were many more that adopted this type of radio music.

This new type of radio managed to change the way people listen to music and how music is promoted over the internet. Thanks to the fact that there are many tens of thousands of different radio stations on the internet, you have the great opportunity to start playing the one you like. There are many genres and sub-genre music stations and things have evolved in a good way as now people have much better opportunities to listen to their favorite music.

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