Sirius satellite radio stations guide

Sirius satellite radio is also known as Sirius XM at this moment and this is a subscription based radio service that has proved to be very popular. Since you have to pay in order to have access to the radio stations available this way, you might ask yourself why is it so popular, especially since there are tens of other radio programs available for free on the air and on the internet.

Sirius XM Radio

The reason these radio stations must survive is because they are the ones to bring a good health to the media that is controlled mainly by some big corporation. The monopoly of the media is extended to the TV channels and the printed press.

Sirius XM Radio is part of an American corporation that is offering several satellite radio services: Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. There is also a subsidiary available in Canada and the name of this company is Sirius XM Canada. This newly formed company was formed back in 2008 when they bought the XM Satellite Radio Holding. Now the company holds a good range subscriber that in 2013 had 25.7 million subscribers. The revenue generated in 2013 reached 3.8 billion dollars.

The company was formed back in the year 1990 in Washington DC. If you take a look at the radio stations and programs available at Sirius XM company, you can see many great stations. One of the most popular shows that are on this subscription base radio station network is the Howard Stern Show. In fact there are many people that joined and started to pay a subscription just to listen to the Howard Stern Show.
When this show debuted on the Sirius network, there were more than 180,000 new subscribers that joined and probably many more after that. This happened in 2006 and Howard Stern signed a new 5 year deal back in 2010.

If you take a look at the radio stations available through the Sirius satellite radio you can notice that there is a huge list of music stations but at the same time you can also find sports related radio stations, talk and entertainment, Latino and News stations. The total number of radio stations you have access to when you register for a Sirius satellite radio subscription can bring you 994 different stations where you can tune. You can always listen to your favorite type of music and in case you are a big sports fan, then you can always choose the radio station that covers exactly the kind of sport you like.

One of the main benefits you can get out of this is that you are no longer going to get bombarded with many commercials that take a huge load of time when you are listening to the traditional type of radio. You can start listening to the radio stations in your car, at home, on your PC computer or on your mobile phone. You have the option to receive a free trial period in order to get a good idea about what type of entertainment is waiting for you and in case you would like to continue the fun you can always make a subscription for you satellite radio equipped car for only $14.99 per month.

Sirius satellite radio is probably one of the best thing that ever happened to radio and you have the option to start listening to the best music, talk, news and sports and everything happens in one place.

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