How to listen to radio stations over the internet with your mobile phone

Listening to the radio with the help of a mobile phone has started to become more and more popular. The mobile phones have evolved a lot and even if in the past we used these devices only to make phone calls and to send text messages. Right now the modern smart phones are packed with all sorts of apps available for you to install and this way you are given the chance to start playing games, use social networks, navigate and do all sorts of other things like listening to your favorite radio stations.

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No matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android powered phone, you have the option to start listening to your favorite radio music. You will need to have a working internet connection in order to listen to internet radio, but this is not a problem. You could be using a Wi Fi connection and not worry about exceeding your data plan, at the same time there are also some apps where the traffic coming from the internet radio music is not counted, this way you don’t have to worry of listening to your music too much.

Some of the mobile phones also have the possibility to offer you radio with the help of a built-in radio module that will only work when you have plugged in your headphones, as these will act as an antenna.

At the same time one of the easiest way to listen to internet radio for free on your mobile phone is with the help of an app that you have to install. In case you are using an Android phone, then you have the option to find a wide range of apps. Tunein is one of them and once you install this app, you have the option to get as many as 70,000 different radio stations available on your mobile phone. Just imagine the possibilities this way.

Some of the apps available to listen to the radio on your mobile phone are free and they show an ad, but you can also find many of them that are available for a small amount of money.

One warning you need to know is that both radio apps and the video streaming on your mobile phone is going to use a large number of data. In case you have a cell phone contract where there is a limited amount of data per month that you can use and anything extra is going to be charged, then you should be very careful when using these apps and always monitor the amount of traffic you’re using as you don’t want to end up with a large invoice at the end of the month for listening to the radio.

Overall it’s easy to start listening to the radio on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to install an app from Google Play Market and after that you can listen to your favorite radio stations for as long as you want. You could be up to date with the latest news, latest hits and music and everything happens from your mobile phone.

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