How to build an online radio station

The internet radio stations can be available for free from anywhere in the world. This means that you could be located in Australia and listen to an internet radio station from Europe without any problems. This makes everything a lot more interesting and since your public market is so big, you can create a radio station for a small niche that could never get enough listeners locally where you live.

homemade radio

Another interesting aspect of building your own internet radio station, is that the costs involved are a lot lower compared to the costs of building a traditional FM radio station.

The first thing you need to think of when trying to build an internet radio station is to decide what is going to be the platform that will stream the music over to your listeners. One of the most popular platforms is Icecast. This easy to download and install and after that you can begin emitting the music. Another platform that you could take into consideration is SHOUTcast, this is created by the same guys that developed the popular mp3 player for computers: winamp.

In order to be able to start your own radio station on the internet, you need to have a fast internet connection. This must be available as your internet connection must be able to handle the huge amount of data that is sent over to your listeners. This is one of the reasons why when the number of people that is listening to the radio increases, you should look for a hosted server that has a fast connection. In order to calculate how much bandwidth you need you need to take into account the number of simultaneous listeners and the audio bitrate.

In case you are doing your radio for a hobby and you don’t consider it a business, then you can always find a good number of solutions of having a radio server for free. While the server is available for free, there will be some ads that will pay for that bandwidth. One of these servers that are available for free is Freestream hosting. There you have the opportunity to get as many as 1000 simultaneous listeners at a 128kbps stream. The great thing about this is that the ads are not going to be part of your audio stream to annoy your listeners, instead of that you will need to put some ads on your radio website.

One of the best ways to have a good experience is to sign up and get a dedicated radio server. The cost is not that big and it can help you broadcast the music over to your listeners at a lower cost compared to what you would have to pay in case you are going to build the server at home and get a fast internet connection and on top of that there won’t be any ads that might make your radio be less attractive to many of the listeners that now are only searching for ads free radio.

As you can see there are many solutions available for starting your very own internet radio, we suggest that you start with something that is available for free and in case you are successful, then you can always move to a paid radio server.

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