Rogers Media Cuts 200 Jobs

Two hundred jobs in Toronto, Ontario are being cut thanks to Rogers Media. The company announced on Monday, January 25th 2016 that they will be cutting two hundred jobs. A large portion of them being in their radio & television programs while a small portion will be cut in their publishing divisions. This has come as a shock as Rogers Media is one of the highest grossing companies in Canada, none the less the decision has been made.


These layoffs will account for 4% of the entire work force at Rogers Media. All areas of the company are being effected, the only ones whom haven’t had to deal with the stress of these layoffs is the Toronto Blue Jays.

Radio is apparently the largest of all sectors being affected. As radio continues to become less popular throughout Canada, Rogers apparently cannot afford to continue paying for radio broadcasting if it’s not going to turn a profit. This is basic business which is understandable. Hopefully these employees’ will be able to receive other positions through Bell Media, SiriusXM Radio or other radio broadcasters.

Rogers did make a comment saying, “The media industry continues to feel significant pressure from a softening market with radio, publishing and now television. Global players are having to drop their work force percentages; we regretfully have to announce that we will be doing the same by the end of January. We do wish our employees the best of luck in their future endeavours & thank them for their years of service.”