Radio Stations Change Their Names

Two radio stations located in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America revealed earlier on in the week that they’ll be changing their names on Thursday & Friday of the November 20th weekend. The radio stations are changing their names to “102.3 The Max” on Thursday and “102.3 The Addie” on Friday. The reason for this is due to a Radio-thon charity held for the last several years. It honors the Kosair Children’s Hospital & all donations are provided to children in need of health care.

Louisville, Kentucky

Addie Roberts, a young girl who has spent the last two years of her life in the hospital is diagnosed with stage one leukemia. She’s been in active treatment since, this wonderful little lady will be at the radio station for a few hours will she will co-host with the anchors. The same will apply for little Max, whom also has cancer.

Angela Roberts, the mother of young Addie openly stated that the Kosair Children’s Hospital is by far one of the best in the country. She noted that every one of the uncountable times they’ve had to spend in the hospital have been made excellent thanks to staff, to top it all off they saved her young daughters life which is more than enough said.

Addie is in the final stages of recovery, it’s expected that she’ll only need to spend one more month in the hospital before she is able to return back to school and live her life. Angela, the mother, couldn’t be happier with the idea of her daughter living a normal life.