Sisters Reunite through Radio Show

An English Woman has been able to reunite with her long last sister thanks to the RTE Radio 1. The sisters last saw each other back in 1973 when the younger of the two sisters ran away from home at the age of thirteen. The mother of this young girl would not see her again for another forty two years.

RTE Radio 1

The sister, Surjit Nanda had been in contact with her sister for a number of years via letters but unfortunately she lost the address a number of years ago and had not seen her since. Mrs. Nanda even went as far as to go to Dublin City Centre in hopes of finding her by looking for those who resembled her description. On her way back to the Dublin Airport, she told the taxi driver of their story in which he stated she should call the RTE Radio 1 Liveline show.

This is exactly what Mrs. Nanda did and it allowed for her to ultimately get in contact with her sister. Listeners of the show got to hear Nanda’s pet name for her sister which in return had those same listeners call in with accounts of people they know with that nickname. Eventually Mrs. Nanda found out where her sister was.
The sister is now located in Castlepollard in Co Westmeath, her name is now Vicky Jackson. She’s done well for herself as Miss. Jackson is now married to the former Lord Mayor of Dublin. Both of these sisters then flew back together to Bedford so that Vicky could reunite her mother, who she had not seen since 1973.