Radio Viewer Percentage Down Since Apple Music

Unfortunately the radio stations we hear when driving our cars or when having the radio station on at work are starting to lose their viewer percentage at a rapid rate. The reasoning for this is simple, in recent months radio services such as Apple Music and Spotify have begun to destroy the radio market globally. This isn’t shocking though as accessing radio stations with more variety & no advertisements are now only click away via mobile devices.

Apple Music

BBC Radio 1 is one of the largest radio stations to be affected by modern day radio. Their viewer percentage has gone down by 11% in the last two months & they suspect that number will continue to rise. These radio programs are going to have to learn that in order for them to survive they’ll have to move onto a new platform, if they don’t a large portion of radio stations will close in the upcoming years.

Apple Music & Spotify feel no shame in doing this though, technology is constantly advancing onwards & those who choose to remain in the past always lose their wealth. Hopefully BBC Radio 1 & various other powerful stations are able to fight off against the rapid changes in technology but unfortunately this more than likely won’t be the case. Listening to 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 2000’s can be found in a manner of seconds when using Spotify or Apple Music. It just requires a simple touch of your finger in order to do so.