Internet Radio Is Making a Comeback

Whenever someone thinks of the radio they think about listening to music while in the car. Radio has always tried to make its transition over to the internet but has never fully been able to do so. Instead they’ve always had issues with subscribers. One application plans on changing all of this, “TuneIn”, an application which can be downloaded onto mobile devices is now offering “TuneIn Premium” which will cost $7.99 a month. This paid version will have six hundred commercial free radio stations and forty thousand different audio books.

Internet Radio

Allowing for this premium version could allow for Internet Radio to make the comeback that it’s been dying to have for a long time now. The reason for this is because this premium version resembles SiriusXM Radio which costs far more than $7.99. If this picks up then even other applications such as Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music could also be in trouble. This premium version also offers live broadcasts and exclusive rights to live professional soccer broadcasts. The combination of all these aspects will surely allow for TuneIn to become a beloved app by millions of people around the globe.

As of right now TuneIn Radio has sixty million active customers monthly. This means that these users alone spreading the word of this new commercial free radio will allow for TuneIn to have a major increase in paid users. Those wishing to hop on the TuneIn Radio bandwagon only have to download the application from the iTunes or Android app store.