Broadcast Radio Could Be Dying

Apple Music

Technology is rapidly advancing with each passing week of the year, it seems that everyday someone has created something new and innovative. One of the more innovative inventions was streaming radio stations which is why Apple choose to launch a 24 Hour radio station called “Beat 1” which is available to all those who own an Apple device around the globe.

The reason Apple choose to launch their own streaming music program, now called “Apple Music” is due to the fact that applications such as Spotify offer users the chance to get an unlimited amount of songs for only $12 a month, this is not only cheaper but a much more viable way or getting music that purchasing a $15 iTunes Gift Card. Spotify also allowed for users to download the songs in the application so that they could be played offline.

Alongside Apple Music came a new , their most popular channel is “Beat 1” which offers twenty four hour streaming of hot tracks. Various radio programs around the globe such as TeamRock have chosen to move to an online/application based platform due to the rapid changes being made with radio. This could mean the end of broadcast radio and due to the fact that broadcasting regulations hold back content it makes it harder for these programs to provide enjoyable content. These changes aren’t for the bad though, a new form of radio without regulations could mean more freedom and expression within the music we here on an everyday basis.

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