Apple Music Launching on June 30th, 2015

Apple Music is the new streaming service created by the developers of the iPhone, iPad and iMac to rival Spotify and various other music streaming services as well. Everyone who owns an apple device will have access to this new streaming service on June 30th, 2015 at 8 AM PST and 11 AM EST.

Apple Music

There’ll be a lot of positives to using this streaming service above all others. The first is that every artist will first be on this streaming service as of now as Apple has the funds available to pay for the latest and greatest songs. Apple Music is being released alongside IOS 8.4, it’ll be required that those with an Apple device upgrade to the new operating system before they can use the streaming service. Apple has also noted that those who use Beat Headphones will receive higher quality sound due to new technology built within the iPhone 6 & 6+ or iPad Mini 3.

Rogers, one of the largest providers of mobile devices in Canada revealed some information regarding what their users can expect with the streaming quality. Rogers noted that all radio stations, playlists and more will be streamed only through at LTE S Broadband Network or WiFi in order to ensure that no lag comes when listening to songs.

As of right now we know that Apple Music is going to have a series of guest stars on their radio stations upon its launch day. Those guests include Eminem, Pharrel, Cara Delevingne, Dr. Dre, Justin Timerlake and Jaden Smith.

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