Pharrell & Drake to be iTunes Radio Guest DJ’s

Pharrell and Drake are currently two of the hottest hip hop artists in the world. Their fame holds no boundaries and due to this is seems that Apple, the company that began the iPhone and iPad is paying them a large amount of money to be regular guest DJ’s. As of right now this just seems to be a rumor as Apple’s big reveal of iTunes Radio won’t occur till next week.


If these rumors proved to be true it would allow for this radio station to surely gain a mass amount of popularity in a short period of time. Much like SiriusXM Radio those wishing to listen to iTunes Radio will be required to pay a monthly fee on top of whatever fees occur while streaming the music. The rumor has been started by Apple leak site CNET which has confirmed what was believe to be rumors many times before. It seems that if these rumors are to be true than iTunes Radio has offered both stars $19 Million in order to be regular guest DJ’s which wouldn’t even require them to go to the iTunes Radio Station.

It’s more than likely that Drake and Pharrell have both expected these offers are not only does it earn them a large portion of money but it also allows for their popularity to grow as new people who have yet to hear either ones music will find out about their musical careers. We shall keep you posted on if these rumors are true.

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