High Energy Radio Bursts

An incredible piece of news was revealed earlier on in the week, six more high energy radio burst have arrived from space to earth. Earlier on more than seven years ago we saw one high energy radio burst that changed how we looked at the universe. High Energy Radio Bursts cannot be created by any natural resource. Radio Waves act as electromagnetic radiation that rides the electromagnetic spectrum which can only be done on a planet with the same elements as our own. These high energy radio bursts were only able to last for a mere few milliseconds but none the less the best astronomers have been hard at work decoding these radio waves.


A group of astronomers who have worked closely on this project since 2007 have now stated that these high energy radio bursts came 5.5 Billion Light Years which is in the zone where astronomers have found multiple planets which resemble our own and can harvest life. Many astronomers as time continues to pass on are saying that the realism of other life in the universe other than our own is becoming a reality that cannot be denied. These radio waves don’t come often, there is no chance that another one could arrive to earth but that more than likely won’t happen. As more HERV’s arrive to earth astronomers will be able to find out more about life outside of the planet earth.

We shall inform you of any more information revealed about these High Energy Radio Bursts & what they can mean for our place in the universe.

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