Howard Stern

Howard Stern is known as the most popular radio host in the world, his SiriusXM Radio Show is listened to by millions of people across Northern America. Recently Mr. Stern got to speak to James Franco and Seth Rogen, the stars of the new film “The Interview” which was originally supposed to be released in theatre’s but was then released to Video on Demand as a series of cyber attacks occurred at Sony & major terrorist threats were made to citizens of the USA due to Sony’s lack of respect. None the less this film has still been released showing the resilience of the Northern American People.


This film which has Seth Rogen & James Franco assassinate Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea was spoken about during this interview. Howard asked how they felt about this issue and in response both of these well known actors expressed that they understand what Sony must do as a company but also believes that a small country such as North Korea shouldn’t take a comedy so seriously. None the less this film was released across a number of different theatre’s in the USA & Canada, it is also available on array of different platforms for Video on Demand. You can view it on either an Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, PS3 or major Video on Demand rental services.

It’s unknown as of right now if this film will be released onto DVD & Blu-Ray in the future. You can purchase it for $20 on either one of the platforms except for the VOD Rental Service that we’ve listed up above for you.

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