Radio Becoming Popular

It seems that radio is once again returning back in style amongst many people. Sirius XM Radio performed a nationwide pole in Canada asking citizens to go on their website and explain how they feel on the subject of radio, excluding their own programs as well. Over fifty five thousand people across Canada placed in their opinions on current radio & it appears that radio is becoming more popular.

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Sirius XM Radio first wanted to make sure that they applied this pole to people ranging from twenty years of age to forty years of age. The results showed that more people have begun to listen to the radio while on the road due to their talk show esc vibe & so much don’t care for the music aspect of radio.

The only issue with this survey is that Sirius XM Radio requested that people enter in their opinions about radio & didn’t ask the mass public which means that the mass majority most likely don’t enjoy radio. In a world filled with technology you can listen to hundreds of different podcasts, you can listen to any song you want and do anything you want through your mobile device.

None the less it’s nice to see that radio still has a loyal following & that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The majority of these people do listen to Sirius XM Radio, enjoying programs such as the Howard Stern Show but none of them rarely listen to broadband radio which also defeats the purpose of this survey.

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