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Less than two weeks ago Apple released their new flagship smart phones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+. When new iPhones are released onto the market developers all around the world must create new applications or updates for old applications for the new device. The reason for this is because screen sizes change and the internals of the device do as well. One of the first to release an updated version of their previous applications is CBC, they’ve officially launched iOS 8 CBC News & CBC Radio. any use their smart phones for more than news or as a radio and include the playing of casino games as well. Such sites like www.casinos2win.com specialise in this area and welcome victors who are seeking casino and game reviews as well as how to articles.


The new CBC News Application has been redesigned from the ground up. It comes with brand new features includes a new localization feature which will allow for users to find local news suited to their preferences, there will also be an option to allow for you to customize your home screen and there is improved navigation. Those who have already been using the new CBC News & Radio Applications have said that these new features better the experience and make it easier for users to get their local or country wide news.

CBC News & Radio have been bettering their applications on both the iOS Platform and Android Platform. Just back in August they released as redesigned version of their Android CBC News App. Those who want to get their local Canadian news on iOS 8 can do so by downloading CBC News, you also can get all of your radio needs by downloading CBC Radio.

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