Tim Hortons

Today marks the end of one of the greatest Canadian success stories known to Canada. Tim Hortons will no longer be a Canadian based company as it has now been bought out by Burger King for a total of $11.1 Billion. This new buy out will affect both of these companies greatly as Canadians have already begun to say that they will begin to boycott Tim Hortons for their disproving actions and Americans have already begun to say that they’re going to boycott Burger King. It appears that both of these companies are about to lose a large amount of their revenue for not being loyal to their retrospective countries.

Tim Hortons

Radio stations from all around the world have been reporting on this news story. It has sweeped news outlets such as Television, Radio, Internet News Websites and Blogs.
While speaking to dozens of media outlets the Chairman for Burger King stated the following, “One of the key value drivers of this transaction is the potential to significantly accelerate Tim Hortons’ international growth potential, like we did with Burger King,” Alex Behring, executive chairman of Burger King and managing partner at 3G Capital, said during a call with investors to discussed the deal Tuesday.

“By leveraging our master franchise joint venture model, our network of global partners and the vast experience of our global management and global development team members, we see no reason why we can’t bring the double-double to the rest of the world.”

It’s unknown as to how this buyout will be effecting each one of these companies. All Canadians know is that if Burger King drastically changes the appeal of Tim Hortons then the company will die.

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