The Days Of Radio

Radio believe it or not is the most important invention in world history. There are those who would tell you that the Internet or that the automobile is the most important invention in world history but in fact it is the radio. Why is what you might be asking yourself and the answer is because for the first time in world history information from around the world was truly accessible. People who lives in the middle of nowhere in the United States of America were able to find out information about people who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Radio became more popular than the internet in the sense of a short time span, people even ran the streets in fear of their lives after War of the World’s first aired.


Many believe that Radio is only used for listening to the latest tunes while you are in your car but the fact of the matter is that Radio is still alive and well. Radio companies such as SiriusXM Radio have allowed for radio to grow back to the popularity it once stood on. Radio hosts such as Howard Stern brings in millions of viewers every morning and has some of the biggest named stars in Hollywood come in for interviews. This would never be possible if radio wasn’t popular anymore.

James E Meyer, the CEO of Sirius XM Radio said the following, “I think radio outweighs the internet and the television. Radio is a simple form of entertainment that can bring people together without the distraction of mobile phones, computers or TV’s. Radio waves themselves are still the most common form of communication in the universe. Without the radio we would never have been able to confirm that life exists somewhere else in the universe.”

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