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Chris Denning, a former Radio DJ Host for the Radio 1 channel has admitted that he has been involved in twelve different sex offenses throughout his life and one of those offences was taking advantage of a boy who was only the age of nine years old. Recently last year on November 24th he pleaded not guilty to his charges but after a world of evidence was revealed proving that he did indeed commit these acts he finally manned up and revealed that he did indeed perform these illegal acts.

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Chris Denning isn’t a house hold name but for British Citizens he has been heard by many. He was the first DJ for the Radio 1 Line-up which launched all the way back in 1967. He also was the first announcer for BBC2 back in 1964. Mr. Denning was arrested by detectives earlier on in October of 2013 where a slew of evidence pointed towards his involvement in these sex scandals. The reason he was caught was because of a recent new operation made by the sex crime unit in Britain called “Operation Yewtree” which was created after the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal last June.

A jury now holds his fate for the future. It is suspected that he will be given life in prison for his actions but as a seventy three year old male he won’t have much of a longer life to live. People believe that he will now spend his final dies in his jail cell where he will eventually die.

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