Stern Interviews Jerry Seinfeld

Howard Stern isn’t your average man, he is opinionated and recognized as the world’s biggest radio figure in history. He used to be the most played radio program in the entire world and now stands as the most popular radio show of Sirius XM Radio. Mr. Stern also stands as a judge on America’s Got Talent, showing everyone who listens to his radio show that he can be a part of multiple industries.

Howard Stern

Recently Howard Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, one of the world’s most famous comedians. Jerry Seinfeld is mainly known for his world famous sitcom “Seinfeld” which ran for nine consecutive seasons. Seinfeld consists of George Costanza, Elaine Bennis, Cosmo Kramer and Jerry Seinfeld. These four characters would appear on a weekly basis observing and commenting on everyday matters. It was this simple idea that allowed for the show to flourish into the cult classic sitcom that it is today.

Mr. Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld for more than one hour and thirty minutes. During this time period the two of them spoke with one another about their past, mentioning various bits that Jerry has done throughout his forty years as a Comedian. They also spoke about Howard Stern’s past, this in return allowed for viewers to gain an insight on how these two individuals live and think.

In order to listen to the Howard Stern show you will have to purchase a yearly subscription to Sirius XM Radio, this will give you hundreds of different radio stations to choose from as well.

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