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Radio Becoming Popular

It seems that radio is once again returning back in style amongst many people. Sirius XM Radio performed a nationwide pole in Canada asking citizens to go on their website and explain how they feel on the subject of radio, excluding their own programs as well. Over fifty five thousand people across Canada placed in their opinions on current radio & it appears that radio is becoming more popular.

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Sirius XM Radio first wanted to make sure that they applied this pole to people ranging from twenty years of age to forty years of age. The results showed that more people have begun to listen to the radio while on the road due to their talk show esc vibe & so much don’t care for the music aspect of radio.

The only issue with this survey is that Sirius XM Radio requested that people enter in their opinions about radio & didn’t ask the mass public which means that the mass majority most likely don’t enjoy radio. In a world filled with technology you can listen to hundreds of different podcasts, you can listen to any song you want and do anything you want through your mobile device.

None the less it’s nice to see that radio still has a loyal following & that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. The majority of these people do listen to Sirius XM Radio, enjoying programs such as the Howard Stern Show but none of them rarely listen to broadband radio which also defeats the purpose of this survey.


CBC Radio

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was founded on November 2nd, 1936 and since then they’ve been able to become a powerhouse in the Canadian Broadcasting Industry. They first began with radio, becoming famous for having incredible hosts who knew how to excite the public. Eventually technology would increase and allow for CBC to become a Television Broadcasting Company. Today it was announced that CBC Radio & CBC will be gaining the rights to the 2018 and 2020 Olympics. They currently hold the rights to the 2014 and 2016 Olympics as well.

This means that people who are busy at work or are on the road for the majority of the day will be able to tune into whatever Olympic event is taking place on their radio. Those who are at home will be able to access the Olympics through the CBC Television Channel. There is no word if CBC will be making some of their most famous hosts for Sirius Canada or hosts from the past to take on the role of hosting the Olympics.

Canadians have already begun to express their approval of this decision as Rogers, the previous owners to the rights of the Olympics aren’t originally a Canadian based company but instead are owned by an American based company. CBC holds their roots to Canada and have never made the effort to venture out of the country for more business. This doesn’t mean that the Olympics Committee can’ change their mind in the upcoming three years, we will inform you of any changes that are made.


CBC News & Radio

Less than two weeks ago Apple released their new flagship smart phones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+. When new iPhones are released onto the market developers all around the world must create new applications or updates for old applications for the new device. The reason for this is because screen sizes change and the internals of the device do as well. One of the first to release an updated version of their previous applications is CBC, they’ve officially launched iOS 8 CBC News & CBC Radio. any use their smart phones for more than news or as a radio and include the playing of casino games as well. Such sites like www.casinos2win.com specialise in this area and welcome victors who are seeking casino and game reviews as well as how to articles.


The new CBC News Application has been redesigned from the ground up. It comes with brand new features includes a new localization feature which will allow for users to find local news suited to their preferences, there will also be an option to allow for you to customize your home screen and there is improved navigation. Those who have already been using the new CBC News & Radio Applications have said that these new features better the experience and make it easier for users to get their local or country wide news.

CBC News & Radio have been bettering their applications on both the iOS Platform and Android Platform. Just back in August they released as redesigned version of their Android CBC News App. Those who want to get their local Canadian news on iOS 8 can do so by downloading CBC News, you also can get all of your radio needs by downloading CBC Radio.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Today marks the end of one of the greatest Canadian success stories known to Canada. Tim Hortons will no longer be a Canadian based company as it has now been bought out by Burger King for a total of $11.1 Billion. This new buy out will affect both of these companies greatly as Canadians have already begun to say that they will begin to boycott Tim Hortons for their disproving actions and Americans have already begun to say that they’re going to boycott Burger King. It appears that both of these companies are about to lose a large amount of their revenue for not being loyal to their retrospective countries.

Tim Hortons

Radio stations from all around the world have been reporting on this news story. It has sweeped news outlets such as Television, Radio, Internet News Websites and Blogs.
While speaking to dozens of media outlets the Chairman for Burger King stated the following, “One of the key value drivers of this transaction is the potential to significantly accelerate Tim Hortons’ international growth potential, like we did with Burger King,” Alex Behring, executive chairman of Burger King and managing partner at 3G Capital, said during a call with investors to discussed the deal Tuesday.

“By leveraging our master franchise joint venture model, our network of global partners and the vast experience of our global management and global development team members, we see no reason why we can’t bring the double-double to the rest of the world.”

It’s unknown as to how this buyout will be effecting each one of these companies. All Canadians know is that if Burger King drastically changes the appeal of Tim Hortons then the company will die.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern Feels Bad

Howard Stern, a man known for keeping his opinions regardless if their wrong has openly said that he feels guilty for his actions while interviewing Robin Williams. The judge of America’s Got Talent said that he feels guilty for treating Robin Williams as a prop during an interview they had on Howard’s SiriusXM Radio Program. Howard Stern normally will never say that he is wrong or that his opinions weren’t justified because he feels that he is always right, it is his cocky attitude which makes him so appealing to so many people. Luckily he did regret his actions with Robin Williams, even going as far as to call himself an A**hole. What we do know now is that Robin Williams is making millions of people laugh in his afterlife and possibly even in the heavens up above.

Howard Stern

When the death of Robin Williams shocked all of Hollywood he took to his radio in order to say a few words as an apology for his actions towards Robin Williams. On August 12th, 2014, the day after Robin Williams passed away Howard Stern said the following,”Back in those days, I really felt I wasn’t being malicious, but I felt a lot of pressure when a guest would come in… I never could give the microphone fully over to a guest.”
At least Howard Stern has taken it upon himself to amend for his mistakes. Along with his apology he also made his condolences available to the Williams Family.

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Radio 1 DJ

Chris Denning, a former Radio DJ Host for the Radio 1 channel has admitted that he has been involved in twelve different sex offenses throughout his life and one of those offences was taking advantage of a boy who was only the age of nine years old. Recently last year on November 24th he pleaded not guilty to his charges but after a world of evidence was revealed proving that he did indeed commit these acts he finally manned up and revealed that he did indeed perform these illegal acts.

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Chris Denning isn’t a house hold name but for British Citizens he has been heard by many. He was the first DJ for the Radio 1 Line-up which launched all the way back in 1967. He also was the first announcer for BBC2 back in 1964. Mr. Denning was arrested by detectives earlier on in October of 2013 where a slew of evidence pointed towards his involvement in these sex scandals. The reason he was caught was because of a recent new operation made by the sex crime unit in Britain called “Operation Yewtree” which was created after the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal last June.

A jury now holds his fate for the future. It is suspected that he will be given life in prison for his actions but as a seventy three year old male he won’t have much of a longer life to live. People believe that he will now spend his final dies in his jail cell where he will eventually die.


The Days Of Radio

Radio believe it or not is the most important invention in world history. There are those who would tell you that the Internet or that the automobile is the most important invention in world history but in fact it is the radio. Why is what you might be asking yourself and the answer is because for the first time in world history information from around the world was truly accessible. People who lives in the middle of nowhere in the United States of America were able to find out information about people who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Radio became more popular than the internet in the sense of a short time span, people even ran the streets in fear of their lives after War of the World’s first aired.


Many believe that Radio is only used for listening to the latest tunes while you are in your car but the fact of the matter is that Radio is still alive and well. Radio companies such as SiriusXM Radio have allowed for radio to grow back to the popularity it once stood on. Radio hosts such as Howard Stern brings in millions of viewers every morning and has some of the biggest named stars in Hollywood come in for interviews. This would never be possible if radio wasn’t popular anymore.

James E Meyer, the CEO of Sirius XM Radio said the following, “I think radio outweighs the internet and the television. Radio is a simple form of entertainment that can bring people together without the distraction of mobile phones, computers or TV’s. Radio waves themselves are still the most common form of communication in the universe. Without the radio we would never have been able to confirm that life exists somewhere else in the universe.”

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill Interviewed By Howard Stern

Jonah Hill recently appeared on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio program to speak about his recent remarks to a photographer. For those of you who don’t know Jonah Hill has been a supporter of gay rights since he first began as an actor way back in 2006. He has helped pave the way for their respect and honor as human beings but last week Jonah Hill said something that he will never forget.

Jonah Hill

Jonah was being pursued by a photographer who was harassing him and simply wouldn’t leave him alone. This resulted in Mr. Hill losing his temper and saying to the reporter derogatory remarks. This remark was instantly regretted by Jonah Hill and this is why he took it upon himself to go to shows such as “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” and the Howard Stern show during which he apologized for his remarks, saying that he tremendously regrets his words and that he hopes he hasn’t hurt the feelings of the very people he has tried to protect.

Anyone who is either Gay, Lesbian or Bi-Sexual should understand that Jonah Hill has helped thousands upon thousands of people accept gay rights and also defend them. It is movie stars such as Jonah Hill that have allowed for the gays to reach so much acceptation in such a short period of time. One remark out of anger shouldn’t affect your judgement of this great man, he will continue to help pave the way for gay rights.

Howard Stern

Stern Interviews Jerry Seinfeld

Howard Stern isn’t your average man, he is opinionated and recognized as the world’s biggest radio figure in history. He used to be the most played radio program in the entire world and now stands as the most popular radio show of Sirius XM Radio. Mr. Stern also stands as a judge on America’s Got Talent, showing everyone who listens to his radio show that he can be a part of multiple industries.

Howard Stern

Recently Howard Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld, one of the world’s most famous comedians. Jerry Seinfeld is mainly known for his world famous sitcom “Seinfeld” which ran for nine consecutive seasons. Seinfeld consists of George Costanza, Elaine Bennis, Cosmo Kramer and Jerry Seinfeld. These four characters would appear on a weekly basis observing and commenting on everyday matters. It was this simple idea that allowed for the show to flourish into the cult classic sitcom that it is today.

Mr. Stern interviewed Jerry Seinfeld for more than one hour and thirty minutes. During this time period the two of them spoke with one another about their past, mentioning various bits that Jerry has done throughout his forty years as a Comedian. They also spoke about Howard Stern’s past, this in return allowed for viewers to gain an insight on how these two individuals live and think.

In order to listen to the Howard Stern show you will have to purchase a yearly subscription to Sirius XM Radio, this will give you hundreds of different radio stations to choose from as well.

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